Mourning Tea 
An ageing couple, for whom life has run its course, decide to share a very final cup of early morning tea in bed. 
Conversation in the Sky 
Holiday in the Scottish borders haunted by memories of the Pan Am jet that exploded in the sky above Lockerbie. 
The Little Grey Chair 
A walk in the Swiss mountains turns from idyll to nightmare for a father away from his newborn son for the first time. 
A teenage boy faces up to the death of his father. 
A young student rides the first wave of an impending nervous breakdown. 
Take to the Streets 
Stand and fight, or run and hide – a young man’s choice in 1974 Berlin. 
A teenage girl goes AWOL from her school and ends up in deep shit. 
Double Standards 
A young woman finds an older woman’s love too hard to handle. 
PC Pairing 
PC man and PC girl make love for the first time at a PC party. 
End of the Line 
A parting of the ways as romance hits reality in a Yorkshire dale. 
Hello to Berlin (Part One) 
A young English filmmaker approaches the divided city in 1973 
Hello to Berlin (Part Two) 
The filmmaker meets a man – and a woman 
Hello to Berlin (Part Three) 
The filmmaker joins a commune – and visits a sauna 
Hello to Berlin (Part Four) 
The filmmaker is (re)introduced to an East Berliner 
Hello to Berlin (Part Five) 
The filmmaker goes East with his East Berlin friend 
Hello to Berlin (Part Six) 
The filmmaker joins an illegal demonstration in West Berlin 
Hello to Berlin (Part Seven) 
The filmmaker shoots a film in a West Berlin commune 
Hello to Berlin (Part Eight) 
The filmmaker tries to cross the Berlin Wall with forbidden goods 
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