"Richard's descriptions of emotion are some of the best I have read by a man." 
Angela Carter 
Photo of filmmaker and writer Richard Woolley
STRANGER LOVE - In 1642 two worlds collide when Dutch and Maori meet. A story of 17th Century exploration, misadventure and tough love that matches documented historical fact with well-researched fiction ... 
Richard Woolley's novel Stranger Love - front cover 2nd edition


After writing several short stories in the seventies, Richard Woolley began his first novel, Back in 1984, in the late eighties. But, as other creative and academic projects took precedence, he did not finish the book until 2004 – and, even then, put it to one side. 
In 2005, a second novel, Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands, was written, but again, on completion, locked up in a virtual drawer. 
Finally, after writing a third novel, Friends and Enemies, in New Zealand, Woolley decided to come out of the authorial closet and push for publication. Despite, or, perhaps, because of being a filmmaker and screenwriter, he has always suspected that the written word, in its literary form, offers both writer and reader more scope than film or TV. 
He has published a further three books starting with the futuristic novel Sekabo in 2014 and followed by Bread of Heaven and Stranger Love, both published in 2016.  
Bread of Heaven offers a reworking of the second half of Back in 1984 combined with a comedy feature film script about the 1984 miners' strike originally commissioned by the British Film Institute in 1985. Stranger Love reconstructs events surrounding the first meeting in New Zealand/Aotearoa of Europeans and Maori in December 1642, as seen through the eyes of Tasman's young nephew and the daughter of a Maori chieftain. 
All books are available online and have sold well worldwide. A new novel is in the pipeline and due for publication in 2018. 
Filmmaker and writer Richard Woolley at Cape Reinga, New Zealand
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