Front cover of Richard Woolley's novel Sekabo
In March 2011, the British Film Institute issued a box set of Woolley's films under the title An Unflinching Eye. Excerpts from the films can be seen on this website and on YouTube. The original film material (as well as digital copies of the films not included in the box set) can be obtained and/or viewed on request from the Yorkshire Film Archive. 
Woolley is a founder member of the Screenwriting Research Network that looks at all aspects of the screenplay from academic, historical and practice-based angles. Academics and practitioners involved come from Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.  
He speaks and writes Dutch as well as passable French and German. He is a fluent reader and listener in all three languages. Alongside professional involvement in film and creative writing, he has, as his work in the 1970's shows, great interest in performance and music. 
In 2010 he issued two CD's of his songs from the 80s and 90s. 
In 2013/2014 he completed a novel, entitled SEKABO, set in and around the North York Moors of 1990 and 2097. This was published by Thames River Press in September 2014.  
The book received considerable publicity in China and has sold well around the world in hardback, paperback and e-book editions. In 2015 the novel BREAD OF HEAVEN, combining a 1980s screeplay with a faction-style diary from that time, was completed and is now available. 
An article by Woolley about writing and directing a screenplay was published by the Journal of Screenwriting (6.1) in March 2015. 
Woolley currently (2022) works as a screenwriter, novelist and (visiting) professor and divides his time between New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK. 
STRANGER LOVE, a novel about the clash between Dutch and Maori in New Zealand/Aotearoa in December 1642 .was published in late 2016 and has sold well. The book was commissioned by the Dutch film production company Fuworks, who still hope to turn it into a film at a later date. 
Woolley's new writing projects include: a contemporary political thriller set in Britain and New Zealand and provisonally entitled Peace On Earth; and a contemporary psycholgical thriller, also set in both countries, entitled DETACHMENT THEORY.  
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