Songs below are from same period as Woolley's CD's, but not re-mastered. They are first mix-downs from tape master recordings and retain a certain rough freshness. 
1. How to Tell you that I need You - R.Woolley (c) 1985 
Ambitious song in terms of structure with a reggae beat and fancy drum part. 
2. Looking for Love - R.Woolley (c) 1988 
An in-between relationships song - simple and to the point. 
3. Out Walking - R.Woolley (c) 1989 
Melancholy melodic song about separation. No drums and a haunting organ riff. 
4. Hey now, Babe - R.Woolley (c) 1990 
Another post-relationship break up song, but this time more up beat. 
5. If You were Blind - R.Woolley (c) 1992 
Humorous song in bluesy style about a solution to problem of being overweight. 
6. Miss You (more than Mama's Kiss) - R.Woolley (c) 1992 
Heartfelt, upbeat song with catchy chorus about separation from the one you love. 
7. Will You still Love me if I Cry - R.Woolley (c) 1992 
Mournful, simple and childlike song about a boy not sure if he should shed tears. 
8. Overtoom - R.Woolley (c) 1993 
Talking Blues written for Dutch Film & TV Academy when Woolley was its Director. Overtoom is a street in Amsterdam. (See video performance of song) 
9. NFTVA Blues - R.Woolley (c) 1993 
Second song written for and about the Dutch Film & TV Academy (Nederlandse Film & Televisie Academie) – this time a more traditional twelve bar blues. 
10. He's not going to Leave - R.Woolley & D. Brillenburg Wurth (c) 1993 
Written from a woman's point of view – trying to convince herself that all is well. 
11. Listen to Me, Listen to You - R.Woolley (c) 1994 
A post- relationship row song – a plea for patience and open ears on both sides 
12. One and One makes One with You - R.Woolley & D. Brillenburg Wurth (c) 1994 
The title speaks for itself on this one. 
13. In the Fullness of Time - R.Woolley (c) 1995 
Beatle-y song about a man's philosophy vis a vis a not yet committed partner. 
14. Thank You Girl - R.Woolley (c) 1996 
Gratitude at having made it to the third anniversary of a relationship. 
15. Mean-minded Man - R.Woolley (c) 1998 
He sounds it. 
16. Dr Betty Wei - R.Woolley (c) 2003 
First version of up-tempo blues marking retirement of academic colleague in Hong Kong. 

Voodoo Strutters 

Below, three of Woolley's vinyl recordings with The Voodoo Strutters. This band, formed at school, was offered a contract by the manager of the Honeycombs, as well as a chance to be backing band for Chuck Berry on his 1966 UK tour. But the boys in the band (Phil Riesco, 'Charlie' Edmondson, Ian Hendry, Tim Lang and Richard) were serious lads and opted for university and more conventional day-jobs. The sound is authentic sixties. 
17. Voodoo Strutter (artist Voodoo Strutters) Riesco, Edmondson, Hendry, Lang, Walker (c) 1965 
The band's signature song, written just before Woolley joined, though he plays and (background) sings on this 1965 potential 'A' side. Raucous and raunchy. 
18. Send My Kisses (artist Voodoo Strutters) R.Woolley (c) 1965 
'B' side for above. Woolley's first ever song composition (and certainly his first recorded song). Sung by Charlie with neat Four Pennies style riffs from Phil. 
19. Don't Go Away (artist Voodoo Strutters) R.Woolley (c) 1965 
In sub-Beatles mode and only original song on a demo album recorded fast and live at Regent Sound - famous for Rolling Stones first album - to save money. 

Patsy & Rich 

Below, one of two songs Woolley recorded with university singing partner, Patsy. Patsy and Richard did several concerts, including at a Berkshire girls' boarding school, where they were treated – well, screamed at – as superstars, but made to sleep in the sickroom. 
20. Your Way, My Way (artist Patsy & Rich [Patricia Ross and Richard Woolley]) R.Woolley (c) 1968 
A jaunty, Eurovision-style song with drums almost getting the better of drummer. 
[N.B. All vinyl songs were digitised from original vinyl and songs 19 and 20 include noticeable needle noise] 
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