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Richard Woolley's novel Stranger Love second edition front cover


Lewis Lloyd-Jones 2005, 694 Page 
A powerful story of love and obsession as a man undertakes a dark journey of self discovery and self destruction in search of his sexual identity ... 
This unusual and important book has a strange history. The author as named is a pen name for someone I knew who is no longer with us, but who wished to remain anonymous 'for all time'. This is their only work. I helped edit the final manuscript of both the main novel (including its Prologue) and the accompanying short stories (including their Foreword) and then oversaw publication in this one volume. As a result I am now the sole copyright holder.  
"The main novel is a powerful tale of love and obsession, a testing journey of self discovery and self destruction as a man searches for the key to his sexual identity and emotional core. Carefully constructed and finely written, the novel builds slowly but inexorably from the opening page to the tragic closing climax. The accompanying ten short stories, an important and integral part of the whole, are original and imaginitive pieces of erotic writing: at times amusing, at times arousing , at times thought-provoking - always entertaining and readable. SHE AND ME combines literary style with accessibility, literary seriousness with humour and a strong sense of narrative. Highly recommended but not for the prudish or easily shocked." 
Samuel Madson, Literary Critic, Hong Kong 
"SHE AND ME is much more than just an erotic novel. It offers real insight into a complex and obsessive central love relationship, and several finely depicted investigative affairs on the side. And though it is the male protagonist's tale that drives the plot along, the book does not take sides and presents all its players with verve and compassion. Of interest, I think, to both those with knowledge of the dom/sub world and those without. The main novel is from the perspective of an absolute beginner, but the fantasies are well-advanced (though original) and well-spiced with humour and satire as well as 'off-centre' sex. This book deserves more publicity. I hope it gets it," 
Sally Chambers, Journalist, England (On Amazon) 
"An intelligent and well-written story ... I liked the believable charachters, the convincing dialogue, the Asian setting and a wonderful concept for an eroticv novel." 
Adam Nevill, Virgin Books (Nexus) 
"This work is well written and entertaining." 
David Newstead, Pegasus publishers  
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