Music was Richard Woolley's first love – whether pop, rock, classical or jazz. At school, he played oboe in the orchestra, electric guitar in a rock band and saxophone in a jazz combo. But apart from in the seventies, when composing and performing with Red Ladder Theatre, music has not been a professional activity. It might have been: his school band, the Voodoo Strutters, was offered a contract by the managers of the Honeycombs and a tour as backing band for Chuck Berry; and, as late as 1989, after his last rock performance at a film festival in Finland, an Estonian impresario offered to make him a star! But if not a profession, it was and always will be a preferred form of emotional expression, a way of logging feelings more instantly than prose or film.

  • "I began tapping out three chord songs on the piano when I was five or six - half a dozen decades on, I am still tapping them out, but use more chords."