• Girl from the South
  • 1988, 84 mins

General Information

  • Company: Cori Films/ Spectre Productions
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Type: 16mm Colour Fiction Feature Film
  • Topic: Romantic teenage rich girl from South falls for poor black boy in North.
  • Available as: DVD or other digital format.
  • Available from: Yorkshire Film Archive (


  • Director: Richard Woolley
  • Script: Richard Woolley
  • Production: Jean Stewart
  • Camera: Janet Tovey
  • Sound: Bruno Heller/Soma
  • Music: Adrian Rhodes


  • Alan Thompson......Grandfather
  • Daphne Oxenford......Grandmother
  • Keith Weinstein......Lance
  • Mark Crowshaw......Ralph
  • Michelle Mulvaney......Anne
  • Rosamund Greenwood......Granny White

ANNE is the daughter of well-to-do parents in the South of England. Like many young girls of her age, she reads romances and, on a trip to her grandparents in the North, she decides to write her own story and live it out at the same time. So, one morning, bored with Granny's attempts to entertain her, she leaves the safety of the rich suburbs and sets out towards 'the poorer part of town' determined to meet her own real-life, tall dark stranger. Walking up a street of back-to-back houses – and still in her daydream – ANNE bumps into an old woman (GRANNY WHITE), sending her shopping flying. A lucky accident as the old woman's grandson, RALPH, turns out to be exactly the boy she is looking for... well, nearly – he does have a strange penchant for art galleries and Elgar. But ANNE doesn't only fall in love. Discovering that not everyone is as rich as her, she determines to balance things out by persuading RALPH to take part in an unusual form of burglary. She assures him that if things go wrong, she will own up and say it was her fault. "They'll never believe you!" says Ralph. And they don't.

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  • "Richard Woolley has the rare gift of keeping you anxious to know what happens next"
  • David Robinson, The Times